Who we are

Urban Junction is a fashion boutique based in the South-West of London. Located on High Street Bromley and also in Whitgift Centre, the store serves as a host to several popular high street brands with exclusive items in stock.
Urban Junction first opened in 2004 deriving style inspiration from countries such as the United States, this has been a big influence on the types of brand and garments the boutique has supplied over the years.

Where we started

Urban Junction began trading due to the lack of urban retailers in South London at that time. It was recognised that there was a demand for casual sportswear in the area; and by stocking exclusive and limited edition products, Urban Junction quickly became popular. Although the boutique has been forced to compete with other mainstream stores in the area, this business has worked extremely hard to survive through economic struggles while many retailers have unfortunately suffered.

Where we are

The store started by stocking retro garments which were highly requested at the time. Initially, there were a variety of trainers, tracksuits and hats to cater to a both male and female clientele. As time has progressed, Urban Junction’s style has developed; and it has now expanded by selling casual and leisure high street brands, rather than strictly sportswear. This boutique takes pride in all their products, the boutique is seen as a haven simply due to the exclusivity and range of selection of apparels available in Urban Junction.

Almost a decade on, Urban Junction is renowned for its exclusive and well priced garments which are displayed in an extremely inviting manner around the shop floor. This store best suits those that have a casual dress sense, but aim to look stylish too. Although the majority of products tend to appeal to men, females can still feel comfortable visiting the store as there are garments ranging from headwear to footwear to cater for both sexes.

Urban Junction continually strives to provide a fantastic service, which has secured a mass of loyal customers who not only visit from all areas of London, but cities such as Brighton, Birmingham and Nottingham. Urban Junction’s vision is for the store to remain a reputable boutique which continues to sell exclusive and quality garments to people who live, breathe, and love fashion.

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